Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear Ashlea De Burgh Fox

I know you would like to believe this is simply because I'm stalking you for whatever reason and that I have resentment toward you for being my boyfriend's ex (neither of which make sense), however you forget that this began long before I knew about your silly YouTube attempts and Twitch streaming or ever contacted you on Twitter.

You messaged me on Facebook to request I deal with a photograph you had given my now boyfriend while you were dating because of a joke that was being made at your expense. You were clearly stupid enough to actually believe any of the jokes would be acted out as you made it seem rather urgent that I have it returned to you.

It was at this point that you blocked me.

If you had wanted something different done to the photo (that was in the possession of my boyfriend) you should have spoken directly to him. Mistake #1.

You then had your father chime in with a pathetic attempt to threaten me, even though I have reason to believe you have no relationship with your father and any relationship that remains is not a positive one from your perspective.

This was clearly mistake #2. 
Neither of his threats were even so much as upheld or continued after I blocked him.

As for the more recent problems you seem to have, I decided to check out your Instagram as you had left less than pleasant comments about Gerard on both his and his friend's Instagram.
This was where I found your little YouTube and Twitch, along with your Twitter and on a drunken night, began bitchfight #1 with you. Stupid, yes. Definitely could have been implemented better.

The back and forth banter was hardly out of jealousy of any type. I have absolutely no reason to be jealous of you, because that would mean being envious of someone using sex to get popular. It saddens me to see that there are still women with such low self respect that they feel this is the best attention they can receive.

My "title" of beauty guru is hardly something I gave myself. I studied a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and I'm part of the beauty community on YouTube. I'm partnered with Fullscreen, YouTube's #1 MCN and have been featured on many websites including Bellabox without even requesting it. I didn't have to make a sex gif, I just had to know what I was doing and work hard.

You make other females on the internet look worse because you reinforce the idea that women are simply going to provide a sexual release, and then when others (such as myself) don't, we are disrespected and disregarded. 

As for your silly little Game Vid Expo thing, you didn't even say anything on the topic. That hardly makes you an expert in anything. 

As for you communicating with my boyfriend about me and my supposed stalking attempts, once again you're not going to the person you have the problem with - just like when you came to me about the photo - and the problem isn't getting solved. 
And then of course, when he decides to bring up parts of your relationship that place a less than favorable light on you, what do you do? Block him. Again, pretty reminiscent of our little chat on Facebook as well.

To conclude, you are going to have to actually come to me if you want me to stop. You have to go to the person with the actual photo if you want the photo back. You clearly have no spine, hide behind "Internet Friends", and never face your problems head on. Your little banter with Jezabel was insanity. Hilarious, hilarious insanity. And you mentioned to her that you would be willing to meet with her to prove yourself. What makes that any different to meeting with me? You started this mess, now get yourself out of it.

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