Friday, January 29, 2016

Going Full Time Online!

As I mentioned to you guys in my blog post about last year v this year, I'm no longer doing personal training in a gym. Currently my aim is to put all my effort into providing the best content for my online channels.
I guess the best way of saying this is "I'm going full time online".
As I mentioned in a vlog I was offered a job in sales, working for commission based pay. While the offer could have been amazing I came to this conclusion: if I'm going to work for nothing, I'm going to work online.

Now I know working in sales wasn't simply "working for nothing", with hard work and effort it certainly would have paid the bills. And, funny enough, so will being online.

While I work on extending my audience to a size where full time income is generated I have updated my Patreon perks and would really love to hear your feedback.
There is a private discord available for all patrons to discuss video ideas or anything you want.
For Patrons supporting with more than $2 you get access to my Minecraft Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved server. As time progresses I will *hopefully* be getting servers in other games for you to have access to as well.
Hand written post card provided to people supporting with $5 or more! Most of the expense is really going towards the cost of the postcards and postage.
$10 will get you personalized advice. This is a weird one but I know that there are probably plenty of you who want advice on something. People in my streams are often asking how to talk to girls, how to help their friends, all kinds of things. As I really don't want to be talking about these things publicly in stream I figured I could provide some help for those of you in this tier of support.
I will be doing photoshoots every month from now on and for those of you who help out with $20 per livestream or video you get access to behind the scenes content of what happens on a shoot as well as all the photos taken, pre-editing.

Of course all this is much appreciated, but at the end of the day just the fact that you guys follow my twitch, watch my streams and subscribe to my YouTube channels helps me out as it is,

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