Thursday, April 29, 2010


On a very serious note I think I should draw to your attention the importance of looking after yourself. As contradictory as this may sound coming from me, I'd like that you please take this seriously.

I can more than understand the want, desire or "need" for a girl to lose weight. Hell, I understand a little too well. But I cannot stress to you enough the need for care in it all.

We've all heard the "your body is still growing" bullshit they teach us all, and I know how old that gets.
However, it is very important to ensure that you are constantly monitoring yourself. I don't necessarily mean what you eat, but how your body is reacting to this.

Things that are totally normal and acceptable:
1. Stomach/hunger pains
2. Muscle pains
3. Bad odour or bad breath
4. Dizziness

But there are things you should look out for because they are your body's way of telling you "I need..."

Things to look out for:
1. Exhaustion or lethargy
2. Difficulty exercising
3. Being puffed out by minimalistic exercises before your body is tired
4. Heart problems
5. Headaches
6. Loss of hair
7. Abnormal menstrual cycle
So on and so forth.

Obviously you can see that endless starvation is harmful.

To avoid these problems there are tricks.
Drink plenty of water, teas and juices
Avoid sugar free drinks, foods and gums, not because you need the energy simply because it's bad for you
Take vitamins and supplements
And as soon as you think something might be wrong, go to your doctor. The worst they can do is good for you =)

Hope that helped and please, look after yourselves

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