Saturday, April 17, 2010

Humanity is..

Something I'm sure all of us have realised is that as humans we all share common characteristics like moods, facial expressions, needs, wants and love, simply expressing them in different ways. But something I have never understood is one person's need to put down another. If we are, as we say, so alike in so many ways, isn't it technically the same as putting yourself down? Is it an outward way of saying "I hate myself but won't admit it openly"? Is it a survival instinct, why do we need it and how does it work? Does it work at all?

In this day and age we need to begin questioning everything we thought was reality, everything we thought was true. The reason for this is that if we have been brought up to believe the sky is purple, our perspective would be totally different. Things like the colour "sky blue" would be totally void. If we apply this same theory to other things we could have been taught incorrectly, we see that we are totally vulnerable to deception. For instance lets take maths, what if 2+2 doesn't really equal 4. Or in history, what if the Romans didn't really fall, they simply hid. What if science had been lying to us with the theory of evolution and we didn't evolve at all, or simply evolved from something else. What if absolutely everything we know is false.

We are, as a society, totally powerless against the power we hardly even recognise as existing. It's time we woke up and realised what's going on, and finally get over picking on others, because we all have the same needs and wants, and only together can we really get this done.

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