Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm going to start this post by saying I have two pairs of black ballerina flats, one leather pair that I wear all the time and a cheap pair that I wore once, realised they gave me blisters and stopped wearing them.

I wear my leather pair to exhaustion, I literally wear them everywhere. Recently I've been walking heaps, and my pace is quite fast, and they have given me blisters.
I had to go out today and thought, ahh what the hell, I'll wear my fake, plastic-y ones, it can't be too bad. So I walk in to the city prepared with one bandaid, and I'm already wearing it where I could feel it hurting before I left just walking around the house. Surely the other foot would have hurt before I left the house if it was going to hurt at all, right? WRONG!

On my way to the city it begins rubbing and the skin gets tender. I then loose my bandaid and they both start hurting. I get over it and charge ahead to the train station to get Nico something and get on the train to get to his place.

But of course, it gets worse.

By the time I got to his place I was stuck with two sore feet and a pair of stiff shoes that clearly hate me, so I think, take them off, it's still a while before you get there.

At first it was pure bliss. Absolute magnificence.

It wasn't until about half way there that I realised, hang on, the skin under my feet is getting sore. The concrete is dark and unforgiving, but hey, lets keep going!

And the blisters filled with plasma and were huge and pulsing when I arrived at Nico's front door. They still hurt like mother-fuckers right now.

So I'm thinking, who did I step on to make God hate my feet so badly today?

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