Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ahh, better days

So it's Tuesday after the long weekend and the whole fight thing.

School, of course, was only just scraping "O.K"
Started with Philosophy: Learnt some interesting stuff about Religion and the philosophy of it. Spoke about the problem of suffering
Then morning tea
Followed by Health Education: Assignment on pesticides, something we all know I'm passionate about.
Straight upstairs a few flights for Biology: An incredibly interesting lesson filled with learning (I know, I'm shocked too). Given a general idea of topics to chose for our E.E.I assignment on human behaviour, we got talking about some theories on different things. INCLUDING anorexia. Patrick, one of my friends in biology, had come up with an interesting theory on curing it and problems with body image by use of faulty mirrors and changing brain mapping.

His amazingly simple yet rather spectacular piece of support for that idea is in the form of an illusion trick. Placing the hand of your subject on their knee under a table, you align your hands so that you are touching their hand and the table parallel to eachother. Then, with one finger tap them and stroke them (the table and the hand) in time with eachother while having your subject watch the hand atop the table.

Soon they will believe the table is their hand by way of tricking the mind's body mapping system. They anticipate a feeling when you move the hand in their sight.

If we trick a person to believe a "fat mirror" shows the true reflection of their body by similar means, a real mirror may be able to give the shock factor of "wow the person in this mirror is skinny!".

Great conversation about that... Until we discovered we couldn't do our assignment on that.
Soo we went to the list of "acceptable" experiments and chose from the memory section.

Anyways, then was lunch followed by maths.
Substitute decided we were in good need of a bludge. We didn't argue, "doing our work" as told.

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