Friday, May 28, 2010

How to be... An Asian!

*Disclaimer: not meant to be racist; cultural diversity and acceptance is promoted with this blog*
Being an Asian usually requires you to have Asian ancestors, but this blog will teach you to be Asian with what you were born with =)

The Asian style has evolved, originating in Asia and beginning with awesome hats and rice paddies, it has now become something more modern than anything we have ever, or will ever see. 

These days, in order to be Asian, you need the following:

A manga/anime stash
Tip: Start small, it's addictive!
Zatch Bell!, Volume 1  Zatch Bell is my favourite

A crazy phone charm
Silver Cross and Crown Key Crystals Cell Phone Charm Strap This one's really cute

A cute teddy bear
Bucky Woopsies To The Resue "Whoodle" Hot And Cold Pack,Pink,One SizeHow cute is that?!

Of course these are mere examples, you can choose your own, but think pink, think pretty, think shiny, think O.T.T.

Good luck!

Again, not meant to cause offence to anyone. I personally admire the asian culture and do not mean to cause a racial divide between different cultures. Spreading the love and spreading the beauty that is the Asian culture (~^-^~)

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