Monday, May 17, 2010

What's your thoughts?

In my opinion, the world is becoming far more rude, less considerate.
If I were to compare my memory of 10 years ago with today I'd say, without a doubt in my mind, that today feels far less safe.

Of course, some places are worse than others. For instance Sydney is worse than Brisbane, and New York is worse than Sydney.
But that is not to say, in any way shape or form, any of these places is "good"; they're all bad, just varying degrees of bad.

For instance, if we were to think of general customer service these days. When you walk into a shop, are you greeted with a smile? When they ask you how you are, do they seems sincere? 
Why could this be?

What if we were to find out that this was all simply because the store clerk, let's call her Mandy, woke up to her boyfriend telling her to hurry up and being rude with her?
Let us also asume she got caught at every red light on her way to work.

Now we know the reason why, but we still have no clue as to how to fix it.
Well, funnily enough, seeing as Mandy is my imaginary character, we do.

All Mandy really wants is for someone to genuinely ask her how she is.
For someone to listen to her complaints and agree with her.
In fact, if anyone was to take the time to listen to poor Mandy, she'd probably feel a million times better.

But no, Billy walks in, sees her being abrupt and cuts her sentences short while she tries to sell him the latest style in menswear.
Now Billy is upset because Mandy was abrupt and he didn't feel like helping her.

Are we, or more to the point, you able to apply this situation to yourself?
Are you Mandy? Or are you Billy?

Please keep in mind, some people do their jobs tirelessly and everyone has issues of their own. Don't think that because Mandy is sluggish the store is bad, and certainly don't use this as a way of judging Mandy.
We are all human, and all we really need to do is care. Ask Mandy how her day has been and see if you can help.

Or if you're Mandy, put on a smile and remember that even though your hubby was rushing this morning, you've got all night to cuddle.
And the lights always change.
And Billy is one customer in thousands. 

Please, people, remember your manners and be considerate of others. You've been upset, so don't be so shocked when other people are.

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