Monday, June 7, 2010

How to be... Atrociously Trashy!

I'm hoping none of you were wanting me to make a post like this, because let me tell you now, this is not something you want your personal image to go through.

However, I do find it quite funny.
If you share my sense of humour, read on. 
If not, you know where the little 'x' is.

Being "trashy" refers to being the kind of woman that gives no regard to her own looks. Although I support this, I do not support the way trashy girls do it.  They will make themselves look somewhat like the name would suggest, then act accordingly. This can't be good for anyone's self esteem or their reputation as a human being, but you will always find someone playing the part.

Wanna roleplay?

The hair
This is probably one of the hardest parts of the whole look, seeing as girls have so damn much of it.
It requires plenty of teasing, plenty of hairspray, and, in desperate times, dreadlock extensions.
To tease, you will need a teasing comb.
Ace Teasing Tail Comb 8" * Black This one is less than USD $6

To keep that hideous looking tease, you will need "volumizing" hairspray
Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray, Spray & Play, 10.6 oz (300 g) This one is about $8 USD

And, if worse comes to worse, you've always got your disgusting back up; dread lock extensions
Senegal Soul Microbraid Twists Synthetic Extension Hair These ones are still only $5.95 American, and although it won't cover your whole head, it should do the trick.

The clothes
This is actually quite fun when you think about it. It allows for total creative control, and you can be as imaginative as you please.

The look you should go for is ripped, ruined and old, but feel free to experiment.

I am not, in any way shape or form implying you destroy your entire wardrobe, I'm saying it will be fun because you can buy the cheapest, ugliest garment, destroy it, and make it look good.

A great look is the ripped jeans look
Levi's 504 Juniors' Tilted Straight Jean, Clean Blue, 5 Medium These aren't ripped yet, but at $31.99 USD, you can make them anything you want!

Something I find not so bad either is the multiple singlet look
Veria Work Out Tank Solid - Black LargeThe larger, the better, the sleeves fall over your shoulder and it's baggy and casual. If you get one that fits you to wear underneath, cut holes in the large one to show what you're wearing underneath a little more ;)

So that's a good outfit done, but now we need to accessorise.
Extras and Accessories
Accessories are often my favourite part of an outfit, they can change it in soooo many ways.
The look you'd be wanting for this is too much.
These Guess bangles do the trick quite nicely
GUESS Hammered Bangle Bracelet Set, MULTIPLE COLORS Without the Guess price tag, coming in at only $28 US

But that's never enough, how about a big necklace
GUESS Multi-ring Long Necklace, SILVER Again, Guess, but simply by chance. And, again, $28 US

Or, for something just to through on and look bad, we have this necklace 
Necklace - N314 - Long Metal Star & Circles ~ Copper Roughly half the price of the previous one, only $11.95 US

So, you've got the hair, outfit and accessories, now all you need to know is how to act.

To put it simply, trashy.
Take photos of yourself wherever, whenever.
Mess your hair up when you're not doing anything with one of your hands.
Don't smile or look pretty. 
Take the "feminine" out of being female.

And that's about it.

Prices do not include shipping to your location, please click the links to find out how much the total will be inclusive of shipping. 

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