Friday, June 18, 2010

How to be... An Incredibly Annoying Sibling

So you can probably tell that this applies only to people with siblings but it may come as a surprise that it works heaps better if you're younger than the sibling you want to p*ss off.

And let it be known, I have experience in this area. I just happen to be the elder sibling.

So, what I've noticed works best is now in the form of a list for your convenience. Aren't I nice?

1) Use what your mama gave you. Your ass is a God given tool. And nobody likes it shoved in their face... So do it!

2) Accents. Annoying accents. Just talk and talk in an accent and don't stop. "Theees eess haoww Aii tallk!"

3) Every so often just randomly slap them in the face and walk off like nothing ever happened.

4) Keep calling their name. For instance: "Hey Kate..." and don't say anything. Then 2 seconds later, do it again.  

5) Move their stuff. Then when they ask where it is, it's obviously yours!

6) Double, tripple negatives. "It's not uncommon.." "It isn't not uncommon.." etc. You can keep it going for as many negatives as you want.

And soon enough your sibling will explode and you'll have more dinner =)


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