Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interview with Dolly Christ

You may remember me mentioning an interview with Dolly Christ not long ago, and here it is.  These are her words in their entirety.  This means all the "haha"s and smiley's are where she wanted them and what she wanted to say.
Enjoy ^-^

HF - From what you've seen in stores and magazines, what do you think this seasons latest style is?

DC ~ From runways to the sidewalks of New York City, I've been seeing a lot of feminine, lolita-esque trills on clothing and patterns. This season seems to be more delicate 'doll' inspired frocks with accessories from a futuristic to a mosaic edge. 

It's as if designers are doing what they do 
best- going back in time and re-using old styles and fits, and making them more fashion forward to where applicable in this day and age. I've been seeing a lot of 40's warped pieces with lace created into just about any garment with lovely pastel colorings and floral designed arrangements... including really sheer tops and 'omg' naughty mini skirts. there's a huge comeback with denim destroyed jackets that aren't too flattering since I've been seeing one too many people taking the concept of wearing denim, thinking it's quite alright to continue the visual, and layering it a bit too much, head to toe.

HF - Will you be following this trend?

DC~ I think to some degree, every woman should and does. It's the basics of being a female- wearing delicate clothing with congested, laced patterns and wearing your elegant, tasteful look inside the house while you're drinking beer with friends on a hot day, or outside, while you're out socializing and clubbing/lounging it up with friends having a few drinks and making it all look glam and civil, no matter how wasted you get. (I think I'm applying too much alcohol into this topic, haha.)

HF - What was the last outfit you bought?

DC~ I've recently bought a few outfits from BouBou and Marciano.
Prices ranging from $60 a shirt or accessory piece to several $400 mini-dresses and studded to satin jackets.

HF - Why did you choose these pieces of clothing?

DC~ Why? Because I love walking into a store with great clothing and amazing quality that makes you feel like a giddy little girl with an elegant and bad-girl twist. Whatever catches my eye, I go for it and get it... usually without even trying it on. ;'p

HF - How would you define your own personal style in it's entirety?

DC~ I would put style, the season, and what everyone like's on a hold. I like to combine pieces that fit my nature of what I find beautiful or intriguing in my eyes. I'll buy a $200 top and rip it apart and hang it around my waist to make it look like a sexy skirt with gorgeous thick-heeled pumps to show off the legs and hips.
I like to take anything my senses lean towards and capture everything this world has... then play with it. It's like a child in Victorian times, rebelling and taking out her playful anger on articles of clothing, creating my own line of wears throughout the time of trends.

HF - Does this style represent your personality and who you truly are?
DC~ Without a doubt. it's mischief, poise, and I-don't-give-a-fuck with a doll's touch.

HF - What is the worst fashion "Don't" when it comes to your style?
DC~ Hahaha... Well, I guess it would be me taking extremely elegant clothing and combing it with raunchy, ripped up things... it's like two worlds at war. ^_^*

HF - What is the biggest fashion "Do" when it comes to your style?
DC~ Simply me taking what I like and making it what I am.

HF - Who's style do you admire?
DC~ I love all Victorian-inspired pieces at heart... as silly and childish as this sounds... and also not quite realistic since it's based in colored ink and paper- I adore all the clothing you'd see in anime. Just the playful elegance and then the outfits that are absolutely mad. I love it all. It's just such a shame that everyone walks around so blandly nowadays, wherever you go. If I had the chance to live in a world within a never-ending, creative abyss, vampires, and clothing like that... I'd never close my eyes and fall asleep. Until that does happen, I'll just play dress-up behind closed doors or at parties. hahaha!

HF - What is your favourite brand and why?
DC~ I'm going to keep it simple and say I love anything that catches my eye. I've always loved Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Versace and Chanel. I'd say most women would agree.

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