Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Prediction Fall - Winter 2010/2011

So it's time for another fashion season! I know, I'm being traitorous to my home country's seasons, but it will take a while to research trends here in Oz, for obvious reasons.

So here we go with the trending fashions I've noticed on Fashion Television channel etc.

Enjoy ^^

Spanish inspired skirts, boots etc with tassels and fringes.

Leather and lycra leggings being worn as pants

Continuing from this trend is shiny and metallic leggings, made of similar materials, also worn as pants.

If you ever watched "The Nanny", you would remember Nanny Fine constantly wearing different sequinned mini dresses. Well, 90's inspired sequins are back!

Another trend from a year gone by is bright red lips, adventurous colours of the kind, from dark to bright.

50's inspired
This (above) is kinda 50's floral, but with a twist

Multi-layering, volume, puffs, wraps etc

Sorry some of my subtitle thingos were brief, distracted etc, contrasting with some that *seemed* to have effort put into them, it's only a brief overview.

Coming soon!
Australia's trending fashions for Spring and Summer

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