Monday, October 4, 2010

Internet Safety

So, you've probably noticed I have a YouTube account, a Twitter account, a Formspring account, and of course this blog. All of which leave me exposed to all the countries of the world with internet access and all the evil people that have the ability to do me harm.

So why the hell do I have my life posted on the internet?
Because I know a thing or two about internet safety.

You may find that although I give out information about who I am, I never give my full name. I have never, in a video, shown you a street near where I live. I have never used geo-tagging to show the world my location. I may mention living in Brisbane or visiting Sydney, but nothing more specific than that.

None of these are accidents. I make sure I keep safe, and I have written this blog to show you how important it is. Some things are personal, and no matter how much Facebook asks you to try the new location app, no matter how many great ideas you have for a video about your house, no matter how hard the world tries to change this fact, it's still personal, and you should make sure it stays that way.

And now you know how.
So no excuses.

Stay safe,

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