Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Fave Night Exercises

For some reason or another, I have a habit of doing my exercises at night... Or in the morning... Anyways, my favourite exercises to do before bed are as follows:

1) Palates core strengthening activities:
- Palates is really relaxing
- It is light intensity
- All you need is a patch of floor
- It's beneficial to your balance
- Gives you a bangin' bod ;)
- Not much strain

2) Sit ups with a medicine ball
- Many variations
- Adds to the intensity of your work out
- Works arms too (depending on which ones you're doing)
- Can be done while watching T.V.
- Not much strain

3) Medicine ball squat and stretch
- Works core, shoulders, arms and legs
- Can be done in front of the T.V.
- Not much strain
- Recommended by personal trainers
- Doesn't take much space
- Doesn't take many a day to have an effect

For the second two I will have posts that show you the ways I do them and tips on how to get more out of your exercise.

So, there are my favourite night time exercises.
Why not try them out?

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