Monday, November 22, 2010

Playboy on the Rise!

Playboy, a multimillion dollar company, is doing extra well lately and has started a perfume range for woman and, don't ask why, an energy drink line.

The women's perfume is part of the "Press to Play" line and comes in three fragrances, 'Spicy', 'Lovely' and 'Sexy'.
Accompanying the new women's line of fragrances is a new men's fragrance, called 'New York'.

Now for the more random, the Playboy Energy drink. As it stands there is only one flavour, coming in either sugar or sugar-free. They are found in only a few countries, but something tells me this status juice will be a local to everyone in no time.

What's next for the brand? Something tells me a clothing line, or am I too late to predict that?
Stay tuned for more!

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