Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hairyfrankfurt Presents! Q&A w/ Suzy Banyon!

You may remember me telling you of a Q&A I had in works for my first "Hairyfrankfurt Presents" post starring the one and only Suzy Banyon. That was a few days ago, and here it is!

HF~ How do you describe your personal style?
SB~ There's no description I give myself. We all have our own eyes and thoughts, so that can be up to others.

HF~ Where does the inspiration for this style come from?
SB~ My best inspirations come from art and nature; they give you the best themes and forms. A few of my favorite artists are Audrey Kawasaki, Mariko Mori, and Brian Viveros. I also own a ton of space photography books.

HF~ You play music and model, do these ever mix? I.e. does music ever give inspiration for an outfit or vice versa?
SB~ Yes, they do. For an artist, as anyone whose career entertains, image is important. It has also helped me to have many contacts with talented photographers and stylists.

HF~ What are your 3 favourite bands and why?
SB~ I really can't name just three bands. I like too many, and none of them in any hierarchy. Though I've always loved The Cure, it's music you can die to.

HF~ What is your favourite way to accessorise?
SB~ I actually hate jewelry, it almost always looks tacky. Also I'm allergic to silver, though I own a ton of it. If I'm wearing anything, it's my Bvlgari diamond ring around my neck. I own a good number of hair bows from Tokyo which I will wear. Otherwise, lipstick is my favorite way to finish an outfit.

HF~ What trends do you find cropping up that you simply hate?
SB~ I hate almost every trend, I think people should think for themselves. If you like a trend then wear it because you like it, but not for trends-sake. That's called being an industry slave. Those who know only how to follow always end up looking like a fool.

HF~ What trends do you think are not given the popularity they deserve?
SB~ I won't name trends but instead designers like Guopei Haute Couture and everything else I like you can find on my scrapbook blog

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