Sunday, February 27, 2011

I've Gone Gaga

So I've gone gaga for GaGa, and I've finally realised why she is so incredibly amazing.
  She goes by a philosophy I can more than understand. She believes that if you give people enough to look at, enough to listen to and enough to ponder, you don't go asking questions. (Sounds like some governments if you're asking me!)
But it is an ingenious tactic and really does work. Personally I adopt the philosophy that by telling you all everything you need to know about me, my history and my life, I have nothing to hide and no need to hide it from you.
  However that doesn't mean in any way shape or form that she is giving you anything fake or unreal in the hopes of hiding or concealing a bad reality she doesn't want let out; in fact she is more herself than anything else, and by giving you a good gob full of GaGa, you should be left with just enough to want more of what you were given, not the Paris Hilton kind of stuff.

  You are an incredible girl with all the possibilities in the world. Don't stop believing, and if that means giving yourself a name like Lady GaGa or Hairyfrankfurt, you do it.

  So why is Lady G. so exuberantly charismatic? Because she came from being a normal girl with a normal name and all the insecurities that come with it. By adopting a new name and new energy to create herself and her image, she has been given a new confidence and, with that, a new personality.

  All of you reading this are normal girls with normal names, but I don't want you to let that be your excuse for anything! You are not normal, you are amazing!  You aren't anything boring or lame! 

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