Monday, March 14, 2011


I just finished watching Kandee Johnson's super looonnggg video putting to rest all the hateful rumours about her and her family. I am truly inspired by her and know very much what she is going through, no, I don't know exactly what it's like because no, I'm not her and have not gone through exactly the same things as her, but as I do the same thing she does, blogging and vlogging and openning up my whee little insignificant life to people with poor motives. Yes, I have been through hate, and yes, God knows the shit life (pardon my french) that I have been through.

 I come from what can only be described as a broken family, struggling and continuing to struggle, but what makes me truly amazed and inspired is when I click on Google Analytics and see that people from all over the world, places I never knew existed, read what I write. That is, honestly, a dream I've had since I was tiny. And don't think every person is going to be nice, but the best way I find to deal with it is with a laugh, a joke, an attitude and strength. You may not be a "beauty guru", I'm not quite there yet either! You may not expose yourself online, but there are people in this world that want bad things, and even before my bebo vlogs some years ago I dealt with them in real life.

 Funny how the word "friends" gets tossed around so easily, it takes so little to make a friend, and it takes so little for that friendship to crumble and burn, something I and many of you have probably experienced as well. It may seem tough, and it is, even with my antidepressants, but the strongest thing you can do is simply boost yourself up, spin a hate into a compliment, all the haters want is simply to win, and by letting the hate hurt, thats exactly what they do. So laugh it off, take it in your stride, agree with them. My nose is funny looking? Hellz yaaa! Isn't it cool? My belly button is missing? No, I let my pet alien nibble on it. Who cares what they say? Online they're pixels on a screen, and in reality, we're one planet in millions upon millions of galaxies, our lifespans are pathetic, and with recent natural disasters, apparently so are the greatest things we can build. I hope these few words will bring a smile to your dial and help you in even the slightest way. From one hated human to another, lets stay strong together!

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