Thursday, July 31, 2014

And Now We Play The Waiting Game...

So we all know that telecom companies are notorious for leaving you hanging, and I feel they know they can do this because we actually do rely on them to connect our services. You'll never see me trying to climb a phone pole, that's for sure!

But of course, being the ignorant consumers we are, we always find ourselves falling for the trap of "Your service will be connected on blah day between blah and blah o'clock".
In fact, when I got the text the day after requesting the connection telling me someone would be coming out between 8am and midday today (approximately 7 business days after the request, not the 20 it could have been) I was ecstatic!
But, here I am, almost 11:30am, having not heard from the technician, again using all my mobile plan's internet, falling for their tricks. I bet they know I've got my mobile service connected to them and that I've bumped my data usage in the wait for a connection.


As I wrote this he showed up and is not setting up the Internet. YAY!

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