Friday, September 19, 2014

Correct Form Is Everything!

So I've always been a little bit of a form Nazi at the gym, I point out (only ever to myself as I'm not a professional) when others aren't doing something correctly and pride myself on holding good posture and doing exercises correctly.

Which is why I was so mad at myself for hurting my back in a squat yesterday.

It was a very early PT session, the weight was less than I usually do and I didn't have my core engaged. It only took one and my back was out all day, only just feeling stronger today.

The importance of proper muscle contraction, using good form and taking guidance with exercises is paramount. The risk of injury is real and very possibly permanent.
And it certainly doesn't help if you complain of lower back/hip problems already due to retail work in poor footwear! (Yes, I'm speaking for myself on this one but I know there will be a few of you that know what I'm talking about here)

So, I guess the main thing is be careful and look after yourself!

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