Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Plea for Help!

I'm not one to ask for money often, but I'm currently going through an incredibly difficult time with money, which is causing a great deal of stress.
I'm studying to become a Personal Trainer, which I am incredibly passionate about and can't wait to be qualified, however studying means I won't be able to work as often as I do currently and the shifts I will be working leave me with nowhere near enough to survive.

I would love if you could support me by purchasing Avon products through me, supporting my gaming content on Patreon or using my Amazon Affiliate Link. I also absolutely appreciate donations through my Twitch Alerts.

This money is honestly just to keep me alive, nothing more. I looked at my budget and realized I will be in debt every week just by purchasing basic necessities like groceries and paying bills like rent.
Please help me!

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