Saturday, April 11, 2015


Ahhh yes, the most annoying fitness myth of them all.
Because yes, it is an absolute fallacy.

Certain women will get bulky from doing strength training, sure. But those are the ones who eat protein 24/7, don't have any rests days and take "supplements"; because getting bulky IS THEIR GOAL.
They work tirelessly to get there, and it's a hell of a lot of work! These are women who compete, whether it be in fitness modeling competitions or weight lifting competitions, getting bulky is glorified and necessary, so they work their asses off to get there.

The beauty of working with a personal trainer is that they ask you what your goals are. So that if you don't want to get bulky, they will program accordingly!
And yes, that program will most likely involve weights, because weights alone do not make you bulky!

In fact, weights help burn fat. Muscle is far more calorie expensive, so by doing weights training a couple times a week your body will burn fat at rest!
Weights are also incredibly beneficial for bone density and joint health, and I personally find them incredibly empowering- put it this way, I'm 5'2 and strong. That's hella empowering and I feel so passionately about it that it will be the basis of my business.

So next time you dismiss weights training as being a thing for "bulking up", remember how much you have going against that- even your hormones don't want that to happen!
Weights training as part of a fitness program can be incredibly beneficial for all people of all ages (and genders!) and your body will thank you for it!
Speak to a personal trainer (oh hi! I'm a personal trainer!) and see what can be done for you :)

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