Thursday, April 21, 2016

Clearing the Air

As I have mentioned in Tweets recently I have been going through some legal battles, and while I cannot mention specifics of what is going on I would like to make it public that I have tried to resolve these issues and am trying to simply move on with my life.

I started uploading videos on YouTube in 2009, hoping to share some laughs with my friends and make people happy. I am an aspiring entertainer. I never wanted to insult, attack, belittle, insult or bully anyone.

Throughout my years of being a public online character I have received my fair share of hate and negative attention.
I've had videos sent to 4chan while I was in highschool, I've been raided by 4chan, I've been DDOS'd and I've had people make videos about me.

Being online you come to expect a certain level of hate. People will share their distaste for what you do. People will be vocal about it. The anonymity of the internet means anyone can say basically anything they want, and a lot of times they do. Have I ever once reciprocated actively? No. Have I ever once taken out action against people threatening my life? No.
And so we come to the point of this blog post.

I have been going through some legal battles in regards to someone responding to altercations we have had in the past.
To avoid having this drama continue I have decided to remove myself from many events and opportunities that have come my way that would have helped grow my audience and reach.
I'm not going to sugar coat it for you, yes, I want to do YouTube and Twitch professionally. I have openly mentioned this in posts previously. However, due to this turmoil I have backed out of many opportunities that have come my way.

For the record I would like to state that I will not be attending PAX AUS 2016, so as to avoid further continuing any altercations between myself and the other party.

While I had originally planned to attend PAXAUS to spend time with friends from around the country, enjoy meeting new people from the community and network with others, I am simply wanting to move on with my life and forget this entire ordeal has happened.

Yes, I personally think it is incredibly selfish that someone would be of the mind that anyone would attend a convention like PAX purely for them, but believe what you want.

If you've heard any rumours regarding myself I would appreciate if you came directly to me to have them confirmed, denied and explained, however I would also greatly appreciate it if you didn't tell me the origin of the information you share with me.

If we could all just move on and forget this happened, that'd be great.

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