Thursday, April 7, 2016

Life's Struggle

I am never going to give you guys an illusion of a perfect life. Because it isn't, and it would be painful for you thinking I had it all brilliant if you're going through hardships.

I know sometimes I overshare, it's one of my biggest downfalls and has always been an issue for me, even before I got onto social media nearly 10 years ago!

I truly believe that by sharing my story, in all it's broken beauty, I can help others feel less alone, feel comforted that other people struggle too, and feel a sense of connection with someone when everything feels so alone.

I never want to make you guys feel sorry for me or anything, because sure, my life is tough at the moment, but I embrace difficulty. It can only strengthen me to be better in the future. And I know you guys are having your own struggles too, I'm here for you and I would never want anyone to think I'm bragging about my problems or trying to get attention or anything. Sometimes we simply need to reach out and talk about it, get some advice from someone or simply be heard.

Lightning never strikes the same place twice, so the fact that I have all this trouble right now tells me I will be better equipped if it comes around again to deal with it, move on and grow.
Never let life's struggles and difficulties get the better of you! You are strong, you've gone this far and you can go even further!
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