Sunday, April 18, 2010

About hairyfrankfurt

On the surface hairyfrankfurt may seem like a cool internet username, but it's real purpose for me is much more than just this so I thought I'd share that with you today.

During childhood and puberty we form friendships and learn how to interact. Along with this comes a definition of who we are, how we act and react to other people and a whole string of other things that are essential in the growth of each individual.
Some people have no idea who they are or have a distorted view or themselves, some people know exactly who they are and portray that perfectly, some people define themselves by the people they surround themselves with, others know who they are but don't show it.

I'm in the category of "knows who they are but gets mistaken for something they aren't". If you were to see me right now you wouldn't define me the same as I define myself.

Now you may be wandering what on earth this has to do with hairyfrankfurt, well, hairyfrankfurt is my way of displaying who I am, what I stand for and what I define myself as. It's a way of helping me find people I can relate to. The actual term hairyfrankfurt gives an impression that I would say suits me, I wasn't about to settle for prettykitty, put it that way.

What I have turned hairyfrankfurt into is more than I had expected. I am now using it to spread the word about things people should, but unfortunately don't, know about, voicing my opinions and giving people something to think about, which are all things I am totally for, but I had never dreamed it would come out so well as it did.

Hopefully that will help you better understand some of the things I post or say and what my motive behind it may be.

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