Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anzac Day school ceremony

As the title would suggest, today is the Anzac Day ceremony at school, and as you may notice, I'm not there. Instead I'm studying psychology and human behaviour from documentaries. Far more interesting, and can relate if you think about it.

Don't think I don't feel sorry for those who lost their lives in the war, but the ceremony is boring, I won't be learning anything at school and I don't agree with war. So I think it's far more beneficial for me to do my own study and finish up on different assignments.

On a slightly different note, I have so much stuff not school related. My birthday is on Saturday 15th May, and I want to celebrate it successfully with a party where people show up. Out of all the parties I have ever had, people have only shown up to one, and that was when I was turning 5 and had a McDonalds party, so they probably felt obliged to come.

My thought was to have a public party at South Bank and have a kind of picnic thing. My next thought was invite people through FaceBook. Seeing as my boyfriend would be there and doesn't know my friends too well, I decided to invite some people for him.

Next thing I know my boyfriend is telling me that people are laughing at me. Apparently inviting people you aren't close with for other guests and to get to know them more isn't "cool", and I already know I'm not either, so that just makes me a major loser acting desperado.

What upsets me is that I am trying to do something good, I want to give people a good time and make them happy, I think about all the guests by getting other people they know to come. I was, in my eyes, doing a good thing.

I just can't believe how immature some people can be that it's necessary to laugh at people.

Anyways... That's my 2 cents. Upsetting, but I'll get over it I guess...

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