Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm a girl inlove

Today Nico was going out with his friends and invited me to come with him. Lately I've been having issues with myself and the fact that I have no friends, so I agreed to have coffee with them. It wasn't until we had made a solid agreement on where to meet and everything that I realised how important it really was to make a good impression; these are my boyfriend's friends! I need to make sure I leave a good impression for him! Of course I didn't have my wallet on me so I had to go in the completely opposite direction to get it from my place and then run back to meet up with them. Now, I'm not the fittest of people, and I can walk fast, infact I do, it's just that I end up puffy after a while

This is embarrassing when you finally get to where you agreed to meet 15-20 minutes late looking like you've gone swimming in sweat and then painted your face bright pink.
Doesn't help that I handled it poorly and snuggled my face into Nico instead of introducing myself and apologising for my arrival.

After we had walked off to where we were having coffee things settled down and became far more relaxed.

Anyways, we sat there chatting for hours about everything under the sun and it ended up being a great afternoon.

I am so glad the meeting ended out so well, its really important to make friends with your partner's friends... At least it was to me. I love Nico and it means a lot to me that I can get along with his friends and make him proud.

So as I said, I'm a girl inlove.

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