Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to be.. A Loser!

Losers have been hated since they've existed, scaring bullies with things they know they want.  I mean, bullies are only mean because they're jealous, right?

That's what my mummy told me n_n

Well, time to be the envy of all the meanies in town!

First you're gonna need...
Pediatric shoes:
Bass Women's Wayfarer Penny Loafer,Black,10 M US These are hideous, and hence, great 

And of course...
Lame socks to go with these shoes
Smartwool Women's Mini Fairisle Tube Socks,Deep Purple,M USLook at the patterns on these!

And what's more lame than a good ol' sweater vest ;)
Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Bromfield Sweater Vest Dark SlateDoesn't this scream 40 year old virgin?

Actually I kinda like that...

Anyways the point is, dress like a dag and make people turn heads.

And don't think simply looking the part will keep you going, you need to sound like a nerd, too!
So here are some things to keep you occupied:
Brush up your chess skills
Read a few books on science... Well, by a few I mean... Upwards of 20
Make sure you know more than anybody your age... About anything. Ever.

Have fun completing your loser look!

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