Monday, May 31, 2010

How to... Freak People Out!

 So it's not all about being something, it's about doing something!

Just this afternoon, my brother and I went to the city and.. Well.. Scared some people.
And this is a few tips on how n_n

1. Walk next to people

2. Stand right infront of someone walking and don't let them go away (kinda like following them only from infront)

3. Wave at people with a scary smile on your face

4. "Ghost" people; walk behind people pulling faces etc

5. Start a conversation with someone. Give them a name, a history, a family, enemies etc. Act offended when they don't seem to know you.

6. On a bench, sit right on top of people, so you're touching. When they shuffle one way, shuffle with them.

7. Have a loud conversation with yourself.

8. Smily like you just pissed yourself

9. Dance around in circles where there is space

10. Smell your armpits, pick your nose or bite your nails while looking at someone directly in the eye.

And that my friends, is how you do it

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