Saturday, June 5, 2010

How to be... Epically Gothic!

Ok, so from time to time the gothic style can be rather intimidating, but something about it keeps popping up in society.

Be part of history and head to the future with this timeless style.

Here's how :)
You will need:

-Mad, killer, kick-ass boots.
Black Knee High Heel Goth Platform Costume Boot Pleaser Brand Electra-2042 These ones are nice
But if you're looking for a whole collection, a great store can be found here

-A corset
Gothic Victorian Lace up Corset Top w/ Fairy Sleeves 2xl Plus size  Very disturbing... That's a good thing, don't worry! Find it here

-A massive cross
Stainless Steel Medieval Gothic Cross Pendant with Black Resin Inlay on a Stainless Steel Ball ChainTa-da! You don't have to be religious

These are a few things that would help, but there are tons of things that can help your gothic look stand out. Keep searching for who you are, but feel free to try out the gothic side of things ;)


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