Saturday, June 5, 2010

Something you don't want to talk about...

Being a woman is not easy, and there are soo many reasons why.

We get cramps, hormones, breast growth pains, typical bitchiness, it just goes on and on and on, right?

Something we really don't want to acknowledge is infections...
But it does happen.

And you don't even have to be sexually active to get one.
I'm talking about yeast infections.

We all know that yeast is found in bread. You may not know that yeast is a fungus. It likes dark damp places. Such as armpits, folds of skin, nostrils, the vagina, behind the ear, in the mouth, etc. It's disgusting, yes, but so common.

3 out of 4 women will suffer a yeast infection in their life time. You can go on luck, but I'd take this as something to be careful about it.
Especially if you've been on a course of antibiotics or the contraceptive pill; the reason being these medications make your immune system weak to the yeast that is already on and in our bodies. 

A yeast infection is itchy, painful, and, well, rather disgusting.
The most common location for a yeast infection is your vagina. This means an itching, burning, discharging woman. Doesn't sound like fun, does it?

But there is no reason to be turned off by, because, chances are, you're going to experience one.

And so the question is, how the HELL do I get rid of it?
For simplicity's sake, I'm going to aim these at vaginal infections.

Garlic is the enemy of yeast. You can do this two ways. After peeling a clove of garlic, you can insert it that way. Leave this in for a couple hours and enjoy the instant comfort. Do this every so often and watch the yeast die.
The other way of using yeast is crushing it in a glass of water and drinking it that way. I suggest blocking your nose and having something close by to eat/drink straight after. Perhaps plain yoghurt?

As I preluded to before, something that also helps is plain yoghurt. No sweeteners, no sugar, nothing, just yoghurt. Again, 2 ways of using this.
First way is to dip a tampon in the yoghurt and insert the yoghurt tampon for comfort that way.
Again, you can eat it. Breakfast and dinner.

Just be sure that you don't put honey or sugar into it, this will feed the yeast and, well, really not help.

If neither of these help at all, I would really suggest going straight to the doctor for an examination. This could mean you're suffering something else or you're in desperate need of some medication.

Hope this helped but please keep in mind this is not a medical site and does not replace the advice of a doctor. These are simply findings that I have found helpful.

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