Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vampiric Story

He was chained almost too perfectly to the bed, I couldn't help but admire Vilmore's handiwork. 

I stood over him as he lay there looking drugged to a stupor. Sex will do that to you.

But we hadn't been intimate. I wouldn't dare touch him in a kind way. I had control over him, and I gained something most enjoyable from this.

I remember him squirming with all his might under me, fighting for an exit, working on his freedom. But he wouldn't be gaining any freedom anytime soon.
As much fun as it was watching him struggle, I wouldn't waste time enjoying the view when my hunger and lust for his blood surged through me.

His passion lost in an instant, my strength heightened, it was remarkable. And unsuspecting virgins were always better.
The gush of his warm, metallic blood was enough, but I was feeding many. Any under me were fed when I was, and this meant plenty of feeding was needed.

Watching him look up at me with raised eyebrows and lowered lids was entertaining. He hadn't known what to expect and he'll never remember it if he tried.

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