Friday, August 20, 2010

Just to clue you in.

If you didn't already know this, you'll be well and truly all on top of everything after this blog post.
My mother is an alcoholic.

No reason me denying or hiding it, I don't know all too many people that believe it to be the devil's disease or some form of witchery. 

To be perfectly honest I'm really not all too sure what the stigma about it all is. Why can't a person with a loved one addicted to alcohol or other openly admit it? It really isn't a reflection on you, and, unfortunately, it isn't uncommon. 

Yes, it's upsetting and not all that dandy, but there is really little to nothing a person can do about it. 

Why am I posting this on such a public forum? I don't want someone else with a situation even somewhat similar to mine feel afraid or abandoned. You most certainly are not alone.
Also, it gives you insight into who I really am and why I am/act the way I am/act.

This way you can't (I hope) think of me otherwise. I really don't like getting misjudged, hopefully this helps avoid that... Hopefully.

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