Friday, September 24, 2010

Blogging From Sydney

OK, so I know I said I wasn't going to blog while I was down here, but I got bored of that idea and decided to let you know what I was up to ^^
Are you glad?

So, an average day in Sydney consists of this: waking up, having tea and chocolate and going on the computer. Occasionally I will play The Sims 3, which I love, but other than that not much going on.
Lunch... various chocolate related products and perhaps some cheese & bacon balls.

Places we go to include the local shops, the schools we went to, the library etc. Just basic, boring stuff, really.

Something that actually effects you is that although I haven't made a video yet, I will indeed be making one today or tomorrow (I'm still sick so it totally depends on how bad I sound >< ).
The theme for one such video is "Maybe One Day I'll Be Good Enough".
And I really need to make another "Top 10 Things I'm Totally In Love With".

Sound fun?

That was about all I really wanted to say... Perhaps more blog posts?
Who knows.
All I know is that there is chocolate out there to be eaten!

(Hey, I'm on holidays!)

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