Friday, September 24, 2010

Healthy Tips

This is a healthy tip about sight

Maybe you don't see how on earth I could make a "healthy tip" about sight, but you'd be surprised. First of all, this is for people who are short sighted, meaning they aren't good at far objects (for instance something in the distance).

Occasionally I will be trying to order something from a menu board and have difficulty seeing what it says. "Is that an A or an O?" And, as you may know, by even misreading one letter, the entire word can be pulled off. Yes, I could bring my reading glasses with me everywhere, but it becomes difficult putting them on when I need them and taking them off when I don't. Also, the frequent change of focus can cause headaches.

However, there is a way to stop you from ordering non-existent meals or being shocked at prices when it comes to paying.
Yes, sometimes it's difficult to bring your glasses with you everywhere you go, but nobody leaves without their phone, right?
And I'm guessing your phone has a camera, right?

Well, the camera can't be short sighted. Take a photo of what you're having difficulty seeing, if zooming is necessary you can do so. Taking a photo turns the object into a 2 dimensional image, meaning there is no way you can have short sightedness on a picture!

Also, if zooming before taking the image causes blurring, you can zoom into the image for better results, as this often eliminates the chance of blurring.

So there you have it. A healthy tip for sight.

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