Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to... Avoid Hunger!

First of all, please do not use this as a replacement of medical advice. There are serious risks involved and I strongly recommend you do this with supervision of some kind.

You thought there was no avoiding it, didn't you?
It's a fact that every person will go through a diet of some form at least once in their life time. It's also well known that media and celebrities happen to influence this quite heavily.

And, also well known is that most diets are short lived. Hunger gets the best of us.

So how the hell do you shed those holiday handles (kinda like love handles) if your stomach keeps asking for more?

Eating slowly is the key to less consumption. It takes roughly 30 minutes for your body to realise it's full. Let's say you wolf down an entire large Big Mac meal from McDonalds in a record 5 minutes. The burger alone may have made you full, but you won't know for another half hour... However I really wouldn't recommend that as a meal choice to begin with.

Eat low GI foods. These are long term energy boosters that release energy slowly, meaning you feel their effects for longer. Easy replacements include white bread to wholemeal, fruit bars to fruit, muesli bars to raw nuts. All these alternatives are low GI and will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Drink something instead. Sometimes our bodies get into the habit of telling us we're hungry regardless of whether we are or not, having a glass of water can help subdue the effects, and there is a high possibility that your hunger is a confused version of thirst to begin with. Always go for water as a first choice, but in the occasion that you feel bored of it, you can have tea or pure fruit juice. To play it safe it's always wise to make your own juice, as there can be hidden preservatives and other nasties hiding in the bottle.

Distract yourself with a long walk. If, after all this you find yourself still stuck searching for more food, take your dog to the local park. Getting away from food can often help lessen hunger, and most people very often get hungry when bored, looking for habitual eating. Walking also helps your metabolism which means, with consistency, better eating habits.

Loosing weight can be hard, but be sure to listen to your body, it knows best when you're stretching the boundaries and asking too much of it.

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