Monday, November 15, 2010

The Pro Way to Accessorise

Girls love 2 things: boys and accessories. A good boy can be difficult to pick, but accessories are easy! It doesn't take a pro to add fine detail to a plain outfit.

  A personal fave of mine, the bracelet. It's just a matter of finding something with enough bulk to it to have an affect but still be simple enough to be classy and tasteful. In my personal opinion there is a combination of tones that can be combined to make a foolproof design that is eye catching: gold & silver and black & white. You can mix gold with either black or white and be fine and silver can got with either, too. For me, personally, I like a fabric band (even a thick, flat hair tie) and a chunky silver chain.
  And let's face it, Tiffany & Co. are a classic brand with exquisite pieces that just can't go wrong. 
  Here are my two examples of silver with black, using a Tiffany & Co. bracelet and black hair tie.
Please excuse the bad "hand modelling" and the teddy in the background

 Rings are also a very simple way to bring style to every day. They come in many forms, and something I see popping up in shops all over the place today is the 2 finger ring. Personally I don't understand the point but there you go.
  Call me old fashioned, but I really do prefer the conventional single finger ring with one piece of attention (be it diamond, cubic zirconia, gem or piece of glass). For the ultimate in class a simple design, a swirl or loop, is fantastic. Another way to be up with the ups is through something simple, again with classic design, a plain, polished band with it's centre of attention.
  Here is my example:
Never said I was a hand model, and I have complained about my pinky in a video ><"
  Earrings seem like such a hassle (at least for me) when it comes to the thought of having to change them every day. But this doesn't mean I am doomed to an eternity of wearing filthy sleepers, no, it means I can wear a simple earring, personally a stud, with it's own feature. (Mine are white sapphire hearts).
  It's only suiting that I fit the same trend as the rest of me, for instance I would look incredibly odd if I had my Tiffany & Co. bracelet and simple rings, followed by giant red hoops; not only are they loud and have nothing to do with the rest of my style, it's just too much. The accessories that work best are those that are simple enough to not draw too much attention but just enough to support the ongoing theme of any outfit and bring out a certain aspect of your overall style and fashion.

Hope this helped!
Now you know how to accessorise like a pro <3
Love you guys!

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