Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please Don't Hate Me!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting, but I have an excuse. It's one hell of an excuse, too. Read more.

So you know I went to Sydney for Christmas. And you're thinking OK, but it's nearly February now.
Well, just as our time with out father was winding to an end, a ginormous flood decides it's just gonna go ahead and hit our area in Brisbane, meaning our building's main source of power (conveniently located in the basement garage and left on just as the floods come ripping through) is completely fried. 

  Due to a split second of stupidity on behalf of our building manager and the general staff, our building's power is f*cked, plumbing is out of the question and the building is evacuated.

  And due to that and several other obvious reasons, our visit in Sydney is extended.

  When we finally get back, the estimated date of completion for the building (now deemed a "construction site with airborne diseases") is calculated at roughly 2-3 months, and then refined to at least 1 month.

  Soooo, we're stuck in a hotel without internet.

  We have temporary internet connections set in place, however, it is simply a temporary and back-up emergency set up.

  So, like I said, please don't hate me! It really isn't my fault I haven't been posting. Honest.

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