Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Its Like On The Outside

So I, at the humble age of 18, have moved out of my family home to live with my boyfriend.
We are currently living in his family home, and it is indeed harder than you would expect.

The plan is to move and rent our own apartment in the near (very near) future, but we're getting our practice here by contributing to a pretend share house. As I am studying full time and have no income (LAME), my boyfriend is forced to contribute most financially. But we are typical teenagers. That shiny Louis Vuitton bag is too pretty to pass up, and here we are, trying our best to get by.

But my message to you is that it's not all bad. And sometimes living at home can be far worse.
My tips to you would be stay strong, as with anything, and keep your cool. Tomorrow is another day.
There's a reason all supermarkets have their own brand free choices. To help you!
And what's the difference between Coles Choice Bulk Oats and Uncle Tobies? THE PACKAGING!

Never be ashamed to ask for help. Why would the government and other organisations set up these wonderful opportunities if they didn't want you to ask for them?

And it's fun to experience something new. Having to cut down on most of my make-up and leave the clothes I don't wear behind was as close to exhilarating as you can get at home.

It's important to learn these things first hand because this is what it's truly like on the outside.

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