Sunday, June 26, 2011


So it seems like such a match made in heaven; they make some of the best brushes you can lay your hands on, and now they have something to use them with!
And let me just say, the palettes they have begun with look divine. I haven't got my hands on any just yet, but they really do seem remarkable.

They have 3 different palettes, similar to the Urban Decay Naked palettes, with 8 shadows to fit a certain look, coming in "Bare", for natural smokey eyes, "Dare", for a mix of natural and vibrant looks, and of course "Flare", for purely bright and colourful looks.

Each come with a different double ended brush, Flare comes with an eye shadow brush (E55) and a blending brush (E40), Bare comes with pencil and blending brushes (E30 & E20 respectively), and finally Dare with short shading and a small blending brush (E20 & E45).

This means that not only will you be getting 8 different, complimenting shades of shadows, but a quality brush to give yourself a perfect look.
And seeing as they are only $35USD, who wouldn't want one!
So pick yours up here!

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