Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian - AGAIN!

So only just yesterday I was talking about Kim's divorce, and already she's back in the media. Now I know, I jumped to that conclusion that perhaps it was all just fake and for the media, BUT, we are forgetting that she is in the middle of a major handbag line launch!
So, of course I have the interview here for you and I really want you to watch to the end, because it's not until the very end that you can sum everything up.
The interview wasn't handled very well and although they have handbags on the table, they actually never talk about them!

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You can tell that she is in a shitty mood, and anybody who lies about something doesn't get shitty, they get embarrassed.
I'm definitely on Kim's side with this, every person has different ideas about her and marriage in general, but she is the last one to get married and have kids and if you watched the show (yes, guilty as charged) you would know how much she wants this.

And I think I'm also posting this because you can see that this woman has just gotten a divorce and now she's back to work, showing her face again, and really putting herself out there, and although she has enough experience to know better, she still trusts us not to be cruel.

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