Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So, now that I have my new website (hairyfrankfurt.com) I can finally use this blog as what it started out to be, a personal blog/online diary.
Don't ask why I decided to do it this way, I just did.
Anyways, this blog post is just to let you know that KIM KARDASHIAN IS GETTING A DIVORCE! Her marriage lasted her 72 days. Obviously true love and definitely worth all the media hype it was given, am I right?
 Also, I am almost halfway through my diploma! I have 2/3 weeks (I can't remember) before the end of this semester, then Christmas break (YAY!) and then only 1 semester left to go! I am super excited about it and I cannot wait to have that shiny certificate in my hands... (they do actually give you a certificate right?)
So, this is the first personal update for quite some time and if you don't like it, head over to my other bloggy here. Other than that, stay tuned for more crap!

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