Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bad News to the Family

So due to my 2 jobs, I'm going to be working throughout the Christmas, whereas normally I would take time to go down to Sydney and be with my family.
I'm one of those people that loves Christmas, because it's a time to spend with family, eat whatever, not care about work, just relax and enjoy time together. It's my one childish stupidity I allow myself. It just feels good to be with family during a time where we don't have to do anything except shower each other with love and gifts. Some of my fondest memories of all time have been during Christmas holidays, watching movies with my brother and father, just playing Sims or whatever. We didn't have to say anything or do anything, we just sat around eating junk, watching movies, and had a great time together. We bonded over this and I know it's a memory each of us hold dear.
But unfortunately, this year, I will be staying in Brisbane. I will send gifts and call, but I don't think it will be the same. I'll be down in January but I know that won't be Christmas. 
But I've broken the news to them and now we all know it's going to be a very different Christmas. I just don't think it will feel as festive, and I really don't want to loose the feeling of it. Christmas morning has a specific smell, a feeling, just something about it, and I'm scared that if I'm not waking up with family I won't get that.
And it's a whole other year before I can get it again. 
Maybe I'll have something good to share next blog post but I felt like sharing this.

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