Monday, March 25, 2013

Health, Obesity and Weight Issues

I am by no means a "skinny" girl. Nor do I believe I ever will be, but I am honestly deathly afraid of getting fat.

And the scary thing is, so many of us are so accustomed to people being fat that we don't realize how many people are actually overweight. We've been desensitized to it, and now the new norm for people we call fat would actually be those who are clinically obese or heavier. We don't realize that it is so difficult to find someone in the healthy weight range, and when we do, it's often for unhealthy reasons or completely accidental by means of genetics and cannot be helpful when it comes to other people and their size. How do you tell a person how to loose weight and get healthy when the only healthy people are that way because they have a fantastic metabolism?

So not only do we have a nation (and possibly an entire global society) of overweight people, but the people used as examples of "healthy" are often suffering from eating disorders to restrict intake. Not only that but the Internet has made a lovely home for a hideous cause whereby Ana and Mia are hash tag phrases and meta tags for eating disorder weight loss encouragement. In fact, search Ana in Instagram and it's easy to find people who will fast for an hour per like on their photo. Hardly a healthy food and weight mentality either.

So how do we know what's healthy anymore when so many Americans think buying organic from Trader Joe's is better, even though much of even the fresh produce is packaged? And to opt for sugar free would leave you open to deadly chemicals like Aspartame (artificial sweetener 951). Is it so hard for people to realize that "healthy" isn't what's on the package but seeing everything that is in a food just by looking at it? For instance, apple vs. apple juice. You know what's in an apple, and although apple juice is a healthier option compared to others, unless you've juiced it yourself, chances are you'll have some form of preservative or additive of sorts in there. 

And as for exercise, it's not a matter of driving yourself to a gym, it's just about walking yourself to places you would be going to anyways. Work, grocery shopping, coffee with friends- anywhere that doesn't actually need you to drive, you have no reason not to walk. Same applies for stairs vs. elevators. And if your option is escalator or elevator, take the escalator and walk/run. Yes, it is easy to walk places, and yet still we have the most ridiculous peak hour traffic (especially in my neighbourhood) that not only pollutes and wastes time, just looks lazy and is totally unnecessary. I actually beat my bus to the train station where I was walking. We both began at the same destination at the same time, then about 20mins walk down the road, I had arrived to the train station before the bus.

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