Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Weekend Gone Weird

So my weekend begins with a wonderful date with Len. Fantastic coffee and a bit of a catch up after not seeing each other for a week, a lunch fit for a king, cuddles in the grass and then we came back to my place. Fantastic.

Then, before work on Saturday I went for a massage (because I'm limping from a sore foot that I can't understand and it's causing my opposite hip serious distress) where the service was absolutely horrendous. Keep In Touch in the Myer Centre, Brisbane SUCKS!

Work was slow and kinda shit but I got myself some winter jammies on sale which was much needed and after work I came home to a party of backpackers. The only thing on offer was cheap, boxed wine and Saturday night got kinda out of hand.
Sunday was a hangover day where I felt very awkward in my own house because most of the backpackers from the night before had crashed at our house and were starting on the boxed wine again. 
I finally pulled myself out of my room, had some wine, got dressed up and off to the Valley we all went. Turned into a fantastic night, but it was night 2 of "goon" (that's what Australian's call the cheap boxed wine). 
There were a few weird moments as one of the French guys we were saying fair-well to got emotional or angry and made the whole party feel strange.
But other than that Sunday night was fantastic, just going to pubs/clubs/bars and dancing, seeing a live band, and generally just enjoying good company.

Then yesterday was another hang over day and today I went and saw Len for coffee.
I think we were both feeling drained from our weekends because it wasn't quite so energetic or exciting as Friday but I just hope it's not something I said or did or anything.

I don't want to start feeling too much and I don't want to fuck it up either. I like Len, and I'm still trying to figure out what I think about that. 

Other than that Len's going to visit family tomorrow for the rest of the week and it's steak night. I promise I won't drink anything! Thursday on the other hand is cheap drinks at one of my favourite bars and I can't really promise that I won't go for that.

I will mention, however, that even after more than a weekend of bingeing on almost everything possible and gaining weight, I don't feel very bad about myself. I am upset about the fact that I'm still limping and in pain so I can't walk fast to burn off all the fat but it's not out of an eating disorder point of view, but more so a health concern because I love walking.

I'm also really proud of myself for being so happy lately. I haven't seen a psychologist for about a month now and I still feel fine.

Hopefully I don't freak out and hopefully this life balance will stay. I think I've got a good group of people and an even work/play quantity and I hope nothing really changes.

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