Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back on the Meds

I advise any doctors reading this right now to stop, because they aren't going to like it ;)

Yesterday, after another night of restless sleep with hunger pains and an unstoppable stream of depressing thoughts, I awoke still saddened and slow. 
I finally told myself I'd had enough, this wasn't a mood I could shake, so I took my very old Prozac prescription into a pharmacy and put myself back on regular dosage.

I know it may just be a placebo effect, but by the end of the day I felt slightly cheery with random laughter outbursts towards the night. I finished one of my bracelets and got a message from Len, then hung out with my roommate and now I just feel fine.

I might diet today, I had breakfast so that I can last without eating anything until after my first shift of work today (working both jobs, first shift 10-5 and second 6-9)

Then I have a party to farewell a friend but I'll be going in sober and leaving early and sober. I'm still pretty mad at how she left my birthday party to hang out with someone else who was supposed to be coming as well. So seeing as Len can't make it to the party I'll tell her I'm going to spend the night with him. And I might take one of my friends that will be there with me.

Feeling so much better now.
See you either tomorrow or tonight.

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