Monday, July 8, 2013

A Weird Perspective of Growth

So as you may/should know, I'm on holiday in Sydney visiting family and seeing if/when I should move back.

Yes, it would make a lot of sense to live here with my family, my old school friends etc, back where I was born. 

I was hoping that coming to visit would help me make my move and start moving down, but it doesn't feel right.

Looking around my little childhood neighbourhood I have an odd sense of being too big for it, as if I've outgrown it. As if I'd be taking a step back by moving back here, like there's nothing left here for me to gain and I have more room to flourish in Brisbane. 

My main goals of living in Sydney would involve my brother; making videos with him, living with him etc, but at this stage that just doesn't align with reality. So of course the fatalist in me takes the wheel and assures me I'll be alright and the right path will show itself when the time is right. Just keep doing what you're doing and everything will be alright.

I just don't understand why when I'm in Brisbane I long for Sydney and when I'm in Sydney I feel so unenthused and misplaced. Maybe one day I'll get the answer I'm looking for.

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