Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm still alive

It's been a while since I posted, mainly because I may have gotten distracted with alcoholic benders and the likes, but I am resisting my distractions now to post ^_^
Basically I plan on moving in the first week of October back to my fathers place in Sydney. There are several reasons for this, most being that I need to be with family and I need a break from working up here. Yes, I will endeavor to find a job down there but my plan is to better myself in more ways. I don't want to just work, I want to get a career, and to do that I must study.

I'm hoping to do psychology, if for no other reason than to learn things and keep myself occupied. A customer the other day was telling me she did advertising, media and psychology. I didn't even know you could do all those things together! I would love to do that!
I also really want to become an adult, even just temporarily. 
Right now, I'm acting like a child running off on tangents, and occasionally I do this. I don't know why, but I do. I think it will be less common if I was living with my family and working toward something for myself.
I also know I'd have more space and time to grow as a person and learn who I am which I really need, too. 
I'm just really looking forward to it. I just hope it will work the way I want it to. We'll see.

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