Monday, October 21, 2013

I Have The Best Boyfriend Ever

This is a text I got from my boyfriend after telling him that I feel like the lead character in a romance novel because of how incredible he is as a boyfriend and because of the way out relationship is:
"When you break it down to the main events, it really is novel material. Like so:

-boy and girl first meet at a part time job, very short lived meeting, lose contact

-contact again after years, what starts as seemingly harmless catch up quickly turns deeper. 

-boy and girl realize just what they have begun. All is well

-PLOT TWIST 1: Girl is moving states in a month. Is this the end for our young couple? Find out next time!

- boy decides that he isn't going to let it go that easy. Buys plane tickets. Meets family

- boy and girl are the protagonists, distance and time the antagonists. Communication, love, trust and faith keep beating back the antagonists throughout the days/weeks/months in a continuous bid for happiness


- boy and girl finally have the situations line up. Are together properly. Magic.

+50 years

- boy and girl reminisce about the past and how 50 ish years earlier they talked about making it all work and how it would be worth it in the end..."

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I'm actually thinking of making it either a novel or a TV show. Ok, TV might be a stretch but YouTube for sure!

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