Monday, October 21, 2013

Japanese Suicide Forest

There is a beautiful forest in Japan that is known for being a popular place to commit suicide.

The thought that self inflicted death by hanging is a noble or honourable death is entirely unjustified. You don't die standing, you die with constraints, keeping your body in the pain that lead you to commit the final act.

To die in a beautiful place does not give your soul the beauty it deserves. A forest is a place for life and energy, not meant for down beaten souls to spend eternity trapped in by the neck with a noose. 

The body decays and becomes a part of the soul beneath us, but the clothing and possessions we surround ourselves with cling to our bones, tormenting us from beyond the grave.

There is a way out, and if you do visit a forest, take it for the lively beauty it is.
Let it become a part of you, not you a part of it.

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